Fast Fiber Internet via Metro Ethernet
Atlanta Metro-ethernet Internet for business from Net2Atlanta serving Marietta, Gainesville, Decatur, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville

Fiber Internet in Atlanta

The highest speed business Internet available is via fiber and Metro Ethernet.  It also happens to be the most reliable Internet available.  It doesn't get any  more reliable than glass fiber. <read more> 

Net2Atlanta can provision a high reliability fiber connection to your facility at 4M, 10M, 20M, 50M, 100Mbps and even 1Gb.  This Metro Ethernet service is perfect for high bandwidth applications and large facilities.  Services like video conferencing, web hosting, VPN, office to office connectivity, disaster recovery, video hosting and security camera monitoring are just a few of the applications that fit this service, which we call Fast Fiber Internet.

We provide carrier quality Internet over Metro Ethernet.  With a Metro-E Internet connection from Net2Atlanta, your router will be multi-homed to two of our sites - downtown Atlanta (56 Marietta) and our NOC in Marietta.  So, even a disaster at one of those sites will not take your connection down.  Your connection would still depend upon the last mile of fiber.  But Net2Atlanta can even handle that possibility!  We can configure a T1, to our network or a competitors, so that it takes over automatically in the event that there is a fiber cut near your building.  We support BGP4 as well as a number of internal routing protocols that will facilitate auto failover.

Our FastFiber offering is via Premium Metro-E, not to be confused with NMLI.  Premium Metro-Ethernet guarantees the specified throughput.  NMLI, or Native Mode LAN Interconnect, is not guaranteed.  In practice, a 10M NMLI circuit delivers between 4 and 6Mbps.  We believe you should get what you pay for, so we use Premium Metro Ethernet circuits.  And, we monitor the connection to ensure it is up.

Fiber is superior!  Once fiber is run to your office, it can be lit to nearly unlimited speeds.  Gigabit speeds are realistic and affordable.  40 Gigabit is easily available with current technology.  And the ceiling is rising.  Higher speeds are coming.  But they will still use the same pair of glass fibers.  Only the electronics need to be replaced.  Fiber is not susceptible to lightning, ground loops, EMP or solar storms.  But Net2Atlanta makes it even more reliable...

Click here for basic information about fiber as a data transmission medium.

We can also provision Metro Ethernet as a point to point circuit!  Now you can connect your offices together via basic ethernet.  Layer 2 VLANs are supported as well as speeds up to 1Gbps.  The interface is standard twisted pair ethernet, so it can plug right into your main switch!

Institutions and ISPs can meet us electronically at the TelX building at 56 Marietta.  We can attach your VLAN(s) to our network and pass your VLANs on to your remote site using QinQ Layer 2 VLAN tunneling.

We offer Q.O.S. (Quality of Service) configured on all our connections.  That means your Atlanta metro-ethernet connection will be optimized for VOIP or video.

Our metro ethernet service is available in metro-Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Norcross, Gainesville, Roswell, Cartersville, Lawrenceville, Cumming, Sandy Springs, Rome and more!

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