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DSL broadband for Alpharetta, Marietta, Lawrenceville, Kennesaw, Gainesville, and Decatur, Georgia business

Alpharetta Business DSL ISP

News!  Net2Atlanta now provides 6 Mb DSL!

DSL Broadband for Alpharetta Business - Local Support!

Many small businesses find that the most cost effective business broadband Internet for their office is DSL.  Net2Atlanta is an Alpharetta DSL ISP.  But ours is not the same old DSL you'll find from other providers.  Our broadband is better. 
Here's why:

Atlanta Business DSL

We answer the phone!  Local support from Marietta, not overseas!
We ping all our Alpharetta broadband lines so we can take action if we see a problem.
We graph the traffic so we can identify suspicious bandwidth indicating hacks or infections.
We provide and maintain a router (not a modem).  It's our problem if it breaks.
We can access the router remotely, which allows us more latitude in troubleshooting.
We have intrusion detection systems that watch for hostile behavior.
All of our DSL connections have static public ip addresses.
We also supply routed business DSL with subnets of routed ips.
We do not oversell our bandwidth.  (Another reason we graph everything)
Our Georgia network is highly fault tolerant, so it is more reliable. <read more>
We can combine DSL with T1 for diverse path fault tolerance.
We can configure business DSL across IFITL, PCData, and Fiber also.
We don't block SMTP port 25 so you can run a mail or web server in Alpharetta.
VOIP is welcome.  We don't prevent or degrade any VOIP provider like our competitors.

Awesome broadband connectivity!  4 Tier 1 upstream and 40 peers - reliability & lower latency

We Offer:
6Mb x 512k DSL, 3mb x 384k DSL, 1.5Mb x 256k, 768k x 512k and more!

Of course, Net2Atlanta is your source for broadband T1, Metro Ethernet and FastFiber Internet!

Net2Atlanta is the best choice for business DSL broadband Internet in the Alpharetta and North Georgia area.
Contact us now for an assessment and quote!

If you need more outbound - check out our Georgia T1 specials!

Our business DSL Broadband is available in Atlanta, Decatur, Marietta, Rome, Gainesville, Athens, Douglasville, Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming, and most of North Georgia!

Alpharetta ADSL Broadband for Georgia business!

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